Have questions about container homes and our services? You’ve come to the right place!  Whether you’re new to the concept of container living or a seasoned enthusiast. If you haven’t found what your looking for, talk to a live assistant by clicking the chat box at the bottom right of the page.



We make our products as easy to order as possible. You can go through the full checkout process on the website, or chat with one of our container techs to develop a custom proposal based on your needs.


From start to finish, We are here to support you. Our container techs know the best options to fit your budget and will advise on land preparation and delivery needs before your container takes off from our yard.


From original ideation with your container tech to delivery, we leave no stone unturned. We make it a point to advise each of our customers on the best possible outcomes for their builds.

These are the most common sizes that we sell at Bob’s Containers. For any other specific dimensions, please reach out to us. We may be able to customize a common size container or find you one.

  • 20 ft Standard (20 ft x 8 ft x 8.5 ft)
  • 40 ft Standard (40 ft x 8 ft x 8.5 ft)
  • 40 ft High Cube (40 ft x 8 ft x 9.5 ft)

We build, customize, and sell new (one-trip) and used containers that are rated “cargo-worthy (CWO)” which means:

  • Working cargo doors with good seals
  • No leaks or holes
  • Strong and functional floors

We currently require appointments for yard visits due to COVID-19 protocol. As your build progresses, we do send you pictures along the way and all of our containers come with a right to refuse delivery if the product is not up to standard.

You can absolutely finance your shipping container! We offer various options  and each have their own set of pros and cons. For more information, please visit our shipping container financing page.

While we think our models offer great options, some folks want to design their own space and we are here to help! This will be a consultative based project as these options are not readily available on our website due to the custom nature.

Prices fluctuate with the market and industry. We are constantly getting new inventory at various prices. The prices on our website reflect up to date data.



Part of our onboarding process involves getting you into our project management system where we can communicate throughout the build process with updates, questions, and more.


There are many options at your disposal for customizing your container to your needs. From interior finish to rooftop decking, and everything in between, we are here to find a solution for you.


Depending on your delivery location, we minimize costs by using a flatbed tilt trailer to drop your container into position. As long as we can back a truck into the space, we can drop your unit. We also offer crane and forklift delivery if the need arises.

It’s up to you! For more details on which type to choose, check out our blog on this topic here. All containers are “used”, but some have only been used for one trip. This is what would be considered a “new” container in our inventory. This are of the highest quality without getting one fresh off the production floor.

Container homes can very well be dropped on level ground that’s not raised, but a foundation of some sort is highly recommended. Building a foundation for your container home is the best way to keep unwanted pests and elements out.

Container home foundation options we recommend:

  • Concrete slab foundations
  • Diamond Pier foundations
  • Gravel pads
  • Railroad ties/foundations

You can take a look at our blog on preparing your land for more detailed descriptions of each option we recommend.

If you want something that’s not on our website, schedule a meeting, call, or email us! We have an excellent crew, and we are confident that we can do most modifications on container homes and offices.

We have solutions to ship all over the world. We have hubs in integral parts of the United States and continue to expand throughout, but depending on your location and build, shipping costs can quickly increase. Give us a call to gather an idea of delivery options available.

Absolutely! But the initial appeal can degrade once we discuss pricing. Many folks have lofty expectations for a container home mansion, but in most cases these types of builds will be more expensive than a traditional stick and frame home and need different types of permitting. We can help with all of the above, but do be prepared for a considerable cost increase from the models available on our website. The best prices for a build of this type come into play if you do not connect the containers directly. This eliminates the need for on-site welding, which doesn’t come cheap.

A full bathroom is made up of a sink, a shower, a bathtub, and a toilet. For our three-quarter baths, you have all of the above with the bathtub replaced with a shower. For our half-bath options, you just have a sink and a toilet for you and your guests.

We use behr premium paint for each of our builds. You can see a list of available options

We do provide fixtures, but not furnishings. Fixtures include your kitchen base cabinet, electric, stovetop, sinks, toilet, shower, etc. Our base price does not include the refrigerator, couches, beds, etc. Please contact us if you have any questions on outfitting your container.

Since the majority of our work falls to shipping container homes, we outfit most of our shipping containers with the following insulation:

  • R13 – 2″ closed spray Foam in walls
  • R21- 3″ closed cell spray foam in the ceiling
  • R6 – 1″ closed cell spray foam under a container

We can also insulate according to your climate, so schedule your meeting with a container tech to learn more about your options if you feel you need to change the insulation performance.